The Benefits of a Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

custom hydraulic cylinder

Sometimes using an off-the-shelf hydraulic cylinder will work. However, if you are making compromises in the design or function of your application, it may be costing you more than you think. A custom cylinder can eliminate compromises, improve efficiency, and provide the leading-edge functionality needed to be a market leader. Implementing a custom solution tailored to your specifications may be more affordable than you think. Let’s explore some of the benefits of choosing a custom hydraulic cylinder for your application.

Eliminate Compromises

A custom cylinder can be designed to the bore, stroke, closed length, and rod diameter combination that is best suited for your application and fits within the constraints of your design. Mountings can be customized to fit and provide the proper assembly style and wear characteristics to achieve maximum service life. Porting can be customized for optimum location and hose routing. Valves and sensors can be integrated into the design to provide the leading-edge safety and control functionality that will set your product apart.

Improve Efficiency

A custom cylinder can improve the efficiency of design, assembly, and maintenance. Keep your project on track and shorten your design cycle by leveraging our cylinder design experience to meet the unique requirements of your application without being boxed in by unnecessary cylinder design constraints. Eliminate assembly steps, extra components, and complexity by building functionality like valving and sensor technology into the cylinder. Minimize maintenance and maximize durability by incorporating the materials, mounting design, and sealing package that best fits your application. Make field service easy by choosing the cylinder build style that best fits your end user’s maintenance capability.

Be a Market Leader

A custom cylinder can incorporate the leading-edge functionality that will set you apart in the marketplace. Safety and automation are key differentiators and are critical to success. The integration of valves, cushions, and position sensors are just a few options to add safety, control, and automation features to your application.

Our Approach Makes Us Different

Partner with Aurelius Manufacturing for Your Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Needs

At Aurelius Manufacturing, we are all about providing value to our customers. From design to paint color to packaging to production planning, our goal is to deliver what you need and help you achieve your goals.

Founded in 1926, we have specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality custom welded hydraulic cylinders for over 40 years. We can leverage the experience to custom design that meets your exact specifications. We have experience in a broad range of cylinder types including smart cylinders, single acting, displacement, rephasing, double rod, and more. Designs will be tailored to your requirements, including cylinder bore, rod diameter, stroke length, operating pressure, and material
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