Key Questions to Consider for Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Design

hydraulic cylinder design

Designing a custom hydraulic cylinder starts with answering some key questions. Begin by establishing the basic parameters required, addressing unique constraints, specifying critical functionality, and considering environmental factors for your application. We will work with your team to develop a solution that takes each of these areas into account.

Establish the Basics

What is your cylinder going to do? Where does it need to fit? How will it mount to your frame and structural components? What are the specs of your hydraulic system? Answering these questions will determine key parameters like Stroke Length, Retracted Length (Or closed pin center), Bore Size, Cylinder Type, and more.

Address Unique Constraints

What are the issues that are moving you to look at a custom cylinder? What design issues are you having trouble resolving? A clear understanding of these constraints allows us to present the benefits and drawbacks of possible design solutions. 

Specify Critical Functionality

Are there safety or control features required for your application? Do you need to sequence or rephase multiple cylinders? Do you need load holding protection for extension, retraction, or both? Do you need feedback on the position of the cylinder for safety or control?  Do you need to slow the speed of the cylinder at the end of stroke? These are just a few examples of critical functionality that can be incorporated into the design of your custom hydraulic cylinder.

Consider Environmental Factors

What is your cylinder exposed to? Debris? Salt air? Road spray? Heat? High Cycle Speed? Answering questions related to the operating environment will help determine design factors like materials used, seal design, paint recommendations, and build styles. 

Our Approach Makes Us Different 

See What Our Team Can Bring to Your Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Design

At Aurelius Manufacturing, we love tough applications, tight fits, and the satisfaction of a problem solved. Established in 1926, we have been specializing in designing and manufacturing custom welded hydraulic cylinders for over 40 years. Our team will work with your team to Establish the Basics, Address the Unique Constraints, Identify Critical Functionality, and Consider Environmental Factors applicable to your application. 

The result will be a design including the combination of custom design parameters and features such as cylinder bore, rod diameter, stroke length, porting, mounting, and materials applied to the appropriate cylinder type (displacement, double acting, rephasing, double rod, and more) delivered in the desired build type for your application. 
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