Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders Designed With You, For You

Aurelius Manufacturing has specialized in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for over 40 years. As a custom manufacturer, we work with your team to understand your requirements, share our expertise and experience, and develop a design that adds the most value to your application. This results in a hydraulic cylinder solution designed with you and for you.

We have experience in a broad range of industries with a focus on developing solutions for mobile hydraulic and specialty industrial applications. We manufacture cylinders that provide basic power and motion, tight control and synchronization, automation, and safety in a broad range of applications from the most simple to extremely challenging functional and operating environments.

We have developed many common components and design features that can be used as building blocks for your design. However, we are not limited to standard parts or existing designs. We can develop the custom components and features required for your application. Our unique approach to custom design allows us to provide you with customized solutions at production prices.

Our Capabilities

  • Cylinder Bore 一 1 to 10 inches
  • Rod Diameter 一 ⅜ to 5 inches
  • Stroke Length 一 0-20 feet
  • Operating Pressure - 0 to 5000 PSI
  • A broad range of material options.
Aurelius 11 30 23 1338 M
Aurelius 11 30 23 1339 M

Cylinder Types

  • Smart Cylinders
  • Single Acting
  • Displacement
  • Rephasing
  • Double Rod
  • Rod-Fed
  • Spring Extend or Retract
  • Cushion
  • Telescopic

Porting Types

  • SAE (O-Ring)
  • NPT
  • Code 61 & 62
  • Weld-on & Machined
  • Flare fittings
  • Tubelines
  • Custom/Specials
  • Half couplings or Right Angle
  • Port Blocks and Multi-directional/double ports
  • Pads & Cavities For Direct and Pad-Mount Valves
Aurelius 11 30 23 1302 M
Aurelius 11 30 23 1343 L

Mounting Types

  • Cross Tube, Clevis, Flange, Trunnion, Single Lug
  • Fixed or Adjustable Mounting Options
  • Brushings, Spherical Bearings
  • Pins
  • Custom Designs

Build Types

  • TR 一 Threaded Retainer (Internal)
  • TN 一 Threaded Nut (External Cap)
  • BF 一 Bolt Flange
  • Snap Ring
  • Wrap Ring
  • Welded/Non-Repairable
Aurelius 11 30 23 1294 M
Aurelius 11 30 23 1292 M

Smart Cylinders With Position Sensors

  • LVDT
  • Hall Effect
  • Proximity Switches
  • Analog or Digital outputs
  • Temposonics, Rota, others

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