How Far Have We Come?: The Advancement of Hydraulics

advancement of hydraulics

Humans have been utilizing hydraulics for centuries, using fluid in motion to power certain machines. However, the way we use hydraulics has changed over time. In just the last 75 years, hydraulic cylinders have been implemented in nearly every industry, including construction, drilling, mining, forestry, agriculture, and more. So, how far has the advancement of hydraulics come?

Benefits of the Advancement of Hydraulics

Increased Power Capabilities

Over time, hydraulic cylinders have become much more powerful. Modern cylinders are designed to be as efficient as possible and lift extremely heavy equipment and objects safely and easily. This advancement has allowed many industries to make their processes more efficient, giving them the ability to generate more revenue. 

The aspects of hydraulic cylinders responsible for their power can also be customized to meet the needs of the application and provide the exact power needed. The hydraulic cylinder stroke length, operating pressure, cylinder bore, and rod diameter can all be customized to your exact specifications. At Aurelius, we can manufacture your cylinder bore from 1 to 10 inches, rod diameter from ⅜ to 5 inches, stroke length from 0 to 20 feet, and operating pressure from 0 to 5,000 PSI

Greater Functionality and Reliability

The design of hydraulic cylinders has been improved greatly over the decades. One of the biggest improvements they have made has been to the filtration of the hydraulic fluid, preventing fluid contamination and preventing you from having to change your hydraulic fluid as frequently. 

Today you are also able to completely customize your hydraulic cylinders, allowing you to implement the proper technology for your application. When customizing your cylinders, there are numerous aspects you will need to consider. Aurelius Manufacturing will customize your cylinder bore, rod diameter, stroke length, and operating pressure, as well as porting, build, cylinder, and mounting types. Some of our options include: 

  • Porting TypesWe have the ability to customize SAE (O-Ring), NPT, flare fittings, tubelines, port blocks, and many other porting types. 
  • Build TypesFrom threaded retainer to bolt flange to wrap ring, our team has experience with various build types. 
  • Cylinder TypesWhether you are looking for single acting, displacement, rephasing, double rod, rod-fed, or other cylinder types, we can customize it for you.
  • Mounting TypesWe can customize cross tube, clevis, flange, trunnion, pins, and other mounting types for your application. 

Enhanced Safety Control with Smart Cylinders

With the integration of Smart Cylinders, hydraulics have been able to become safer. These cylinders integrate a sensor that delivers feedback to the control system, allowing for necessary changes in cylinder position. These sensors enhance automation, facilitate sequenced actions, and improve safety parameters. Smart Cylinder designs can be integrated with most cylinder and build types, so you don’t have to compromise on your build to experience the benefits of automation and improved safety. 

There are numerous ways to customize your Smart Cylinders as well. Sensor types on these cylinders include hall effect, LVDT, proximity switch, and redundant feedback. There are also different outputs, including analog, digital, CAN J1939, CAN Open, and PWM. Aurelius partners with Temposonics, Rota, and Balluff to meet all of your Smart Cylinder needs. 

Experience the Advancements of Hydraulics with Aurelius Manufacturing’s Custom Smart Cylinders

Aurelius Manufacturing is dedicated to improving the experience of hydraulics through Smart Cylinder integration and custom hydraulic cylinders. We have experience working with numerous industries, including forestry, construction, mining, and more, to create hydraulic cylinders that meet their exact specifications. 

Our team has over 20 years of experience integrating sensors and creating customized hydraulic cylinders. We take a collaborative approach to our designs, taking into consideration all of your needs and concerns. At Aurelius, we also operate with controlled processes from the beginning to the end of your project so we can track the job with detail, implement root cause analysis, and continually improve the process. 
If you are interested in experiencing the advancement of hydraulics with Aurelius, contact us today.

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