Custom Hydraulic Applications: Industries and Uses

custom hydraulic cylinder applications

From basic power and motion to tight control, synchronization, and automation, Hydraulic Cylinders are the drivers for productivity and efficiency in mobile and industrial equipment. You will find hydraulic cylinders doing the work in equipment in nearly any industry including forestry, agriculture, construction, mining, rail, and many industrial applications.

Demanding applications benefit from custom solutions where the hydraulic cylinder is designed specifically to your requirements. Let’s look at some of the benefits of custom hydraulic cylinders.

Benefits of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Eliminate Compromises

Off-the-shelf cylinders can box you in by forcing you to choose from predetermined configurations resulting in trade-offs and compromises in the design of your equipment. Working with Aurelius to design a custom cylinder for your application will result in a product that fits seamlessly into your design and includes the features and functionality you need. 

  • Bore, stroke, closed length, rod diameter, and materials can be specified based on your needs. 
  • Mountings can be customized to fit and provide the proper assembly style and wear characteristics to achieve maximum service life. 
  • Porting can be customized for optimum location and hose routing. 
  • Valves and sensors can be integrated into the design to provide the leading-edge safety and control functionality that will set your product apart.

Better Efficiency

Custom hydraulic cylinders can improve efficiency from design to assembly to end user maintenance. 

  • Keep your project on track and shorten your design cycle by leveraging our cylinder design experience to meet the unique requirements of your application without being boxed in by unnecessary cylinder design constraints.  
  • Make installation into your application easy with mountings and porting designed to fit seamlessly into your assembly. 
  • Build features like valving and sensors into the cylinder to eliminate extra components and assembly steps. 
  • Minimize maintenance and maximize durability by incorporating the materials, mounting design, and sealing package that best fits your application. 
  • Make field service easy by choosing the cylinder build style that best fits your end user’s maintenance capability.

Performance and Durability

Custom hydraulic cylinder solutions consider all aspects of your application including operating pressures and spiking, number of cycles and cycle speed, loading, and environmental conditions. All of these factors are considered in design and material selection in order to provide a product with the durability, performance, and service life you need.

Leading Edge Functionality

Custom hydraulic cylinders can incorporate the leading-edge functionality that will set you apart in the marketplace. Integrating valves, cushions, and position sensors are just a few options to add safety, control, and automation features to your application. 

Industries That Benefit From Custom Hydraulic Applications

Industrial OEMs

Industrial OEMs manufacture parts and equipment for a broad range of industries. Manufacturers of industrial equipment can benefit from custom hydraulic cylinder solutions to ensure their equipment incorporates the functionality needed and has the durability and service life expected in industrial applications. Examples of industrial applications include foundry equipment, cranes, presses, compactors, and mill equipment.


From lumber harvesting to clearing and right-of-way maintenance, applications in the forestry industry are demanding. Hydraulic cylinders in these applications often see high cycles, pressure spikes, and are exposed to the elements and debris. Custom cylinders can provide the durability, safety, and control features needed in applications like fellers, bunchers, skidders, knuckleboom loaders, tree trimmers, track loaders and more. 


Technology continues to drive efficiency in agriculture. Many applications can benefit from the incorporation of a position sensor into a custom hydraulic cylinder. This allows the control system to be aware of the position of the cylinder providing automation and control for leveling or positioning of work heads or auto fold to stow long booms while moving from field to field. From specialty harvesting equipment to combines and field sprayers, custom hydraulic solutions can improve efficiency and support automation resulting in significant cost savings.

Construction and Mining

Heavy equipment, conveyors, crushers, loaders, forklifts, trailers, and many other types of equipment can be classified under the construction and mining industries. Tough applications and operating environments common to these applications make them a great fit for custom hydraulic cylinders.


Building and maintaining track is a fast paced and dangerous process. Custom hydraulic cylinders are able to meet the demands of an industry where minimizing downtime and keeping workers safe is critical.  Automation of work heads allows operators to stay in the cab. Customizing designs to include cushions, proper seals, integrated valves, and position sensors can provide safety features and durability in applications with high cycle counts, fast cycle speeds, heavy impacts, and pressure spikes. Applications like spiking, plate placement, tie removal and placement, rail grinding and more require robust and durable cylinder designs.

Trust Aurelius with Your Custom Hydraulic Applications

With over 40 years of experience, Aurelius Manufacturing is ready to work with your team to develop the custom welded hydraulic cylinder solution you need. We leverage our experience to design custom cylinders that meet your exact specifications. Our team has experience designing various types of cylinders, including smart cylinders, double acting, displacement, rephasing, double rod, and more. We tailor our designs to your requirements, including cylinder bore, rod diameter, stroke length, operating pressure rating, and materials. 
Are you ready to start your project? Contact us today.

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